If you need to arrange a funeral for a loved one, let us help with what happens next.
What happens next

Planning ahead

The loss of a loved one is likely to be the most emotionally distressing experience any of us ever have to face. Having to arrange a funeral in the midst of all that emotional turmoil can only add further anguish. That’s why thinking about your funeral in advance makes lots of sense.

“There are only two certainties in life – death and taxes” Benjamin Franklin

Most of us are more than happy to have lengthy discussions on the subject of taxes, but talking about death is still very much a taboo topic in many households.

The way we see it is that we all have a responsibility to let our family and friends know exactly what we want in terms of funeral arrangements. That way we can take some of the awful uncertainty away from their decision making when the time comes (and it will come, sure as eggs are eggs, however much we pretend it won’t). This doesn’t mean you have to arrange your own funeral ahead of time; for some people this simply isn’t the right choice, but it does mean talking about it. You may want to impart information about your own choice of arrangements, or you might want to ascertain the wishes of a family member or friend.

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Planning your funeral

Prearranging your funeral can save your loved ones the burden of arranging it at a time of great sorrow and perhaps most important of all, your loved ones can be reassured that your funeral will be the one you wanted – not the one they hope you wanted.

Planning your funeral is a lot less daunting than you may think and we hope you find browsing this website useful in your own preplanning endeavours.

Of course, if you have any queries or anxieties, simply give us a call on 0121 476 9111 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

At Mortons we offer two ways of prearranging your funeral:

Prearranged funerals without pre-payment

If you would prefer to leave paying for a funeral until it takes place, but would like your wishes to be recorded, then this is the best option for you.


Prearranged funeral with pre-payment

If you would like to save family and friends the trouble of having to make arrangements and alleviate any financial pressures, then prearranging your funeral with pre-payment is the best option for you.


Golden Charter pre-paid funeral plan from Mortons Funeral Directors

Help remove uncertainty about your final wishes and protect your family from worry and expense at a difficult time with a Golden Charter funeral plan, from Mortons Funeral Directors.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to funeral planning and Golden Charter plans are flexible to suit your needs and budget. You can choose to pay in one single payment, or opt for monthly payments, ranging from 12 months (at no additional cost) up to 15 years (dependent on your current age). Read the Golden Charter brochure to learn more about funeral plans from Golden Charter.

Compare funeral plans

…but how to start the conversation?

If you don’t feel you can come straight out with it, think of a natural way of introducing the subject. Try talking about someone else’s death and funeral; it doesn’t have to be someone you know, just someone you’ve heard about in the news. Then you can lead the conversation round to your wishes or those of the person you’re talking to, starting with the basics like: “I definitely want to be cremated myself” or “Have you thought about where you’d like your ashes scattered, or would you want them buried with George?”

Once you’ve begun to talk about it all, I think you’ll be surprised how open people are about their own wishes once someone gives them the opportunity to talk about them. People generally have quite strong views on their own wishes, from the type of ceremony they want to whether there should be flowers or donations. Many of us even know exactly where the after funeral get together should be. So go on, try it. After all, everyone deserves to have the send off they really wanted.

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Wish to thank all staff at Mortons for being helpful, caring, understanding at my fathers funeral. Used the same director at mums funeral 10 yrs ago so recommend. Made the day a bit easier on a sad day.

Anne Moghraby Rating: 5
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