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Traditionally referred to as ‘eulogies’, these are personalised tributes often delivered by someone close to the person who has passed away.

Tributes can contain anecdotes about events that happened in their life, personality traits that have been admired or particular lifetime achievements.

Spoken tributes can be be delivered by one person, or several people. They can vary in length and context.

Some people prefer a traditional account of the individual’s life, while others may prefer to include humorous anecdotes.

Writing a tributes is not always easy and it can be quite a stressful occasion for the person delivering the tribute at the funeral.

If you are writing a eulogy for someone, we have devised a list of hints and tips that you may find useful. We also have some extracts from eulogies to help give you some inspiration.


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Thank you to everyone at Morton's Funeral Directors. You were all so kind, considerate and caring in arranging the funeral for the untimely passing of our son.

Margaret Darlow Rating: 5
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