If you need to arrange a funeral for a loved one, let us help with what happens next.
What happens next

Choosing what feels right

As with many things today, the choice of coffins can be a bit overwhelming. You are best to consider a few basic requirements first so that you can get some idea of what you’re looking to achieve before you finally make your selection.

Would you like a coffin or casket?

  • A coffin is wider at the shoulders and narrower towards the feet
  • Caskets are rectangular and the same width at the top as it is at the bottom

Next, you need to decide the type of coffin or casket you would like, taking into consideration the style, material, and colour.  Would you like it to be personalised or traditional?  Have you got an eco-friendly coffin in mind? Perhaps you’d even like to design it yourself?

Many people know exactly what they would like when they see it.  However, we’re here to talk you through the options in as much or as little detail as you wish – the choice is always yours.

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Traditional veneered coffins

Mortons traditional veneered coffin


Solid hardwood coffins

Mortons traditional solid hardwood coffin

Coffins from natural materials

Mortons confins made from natural materials

American style caskets

Mortons american style caskets

Personalised coffins


Mortons range of colourful and custom coffins

Contemporary coffins

Mortons contemporary coffins

Wish to thank all staff at Mortons for being helpful, caring, understanding at my fathers funeral. Used the same director at mums funeral 10 yrs ago so recommend. Made the day a bit easier on a sad day.

Anne Moghraby Rating: 5
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