The value of photographs

I don’t know about you but I love taking photos!  I’ve had a camera of my own since I was about 14 years old (a Christmas present from my dear Mum & Dad).  In those days of course the developing of celluloid film was pricey and the likes of Truprint managed to swallow copious amounts of my pocket money.  Looking back on those snapshots I realised how precious those memories are.  The moments were fleeting and it’s a fact that almost everything changes.  Some showed my dear Dad who sadly died only two years later when I was 16.  The memories are fantastic – they even proved that at one stage in my life I had hair!  In those early days, the photo’s I’d taken were carefully placed into albums – something I rarely do nowadays.  All is not lost though as the more frequent photos now get to be seen every day as I make them my screensaver which of course can be changed regularly.  Each of the images captured in a moment tells a story and transports us to a different time and place.  What joy they bring and what a reminder they are of happier times when we were all together.  Clients very often ask us to place into the coffin of their loved ones’ precious photos of family and friends, they can be used in the preparation of printed Orders of Service, are sometimes displayed upon the coffin or a collection of images used to create a storyboard for use at the gathering after the funeral.  Maybe now you’ll see these snapshots which were previously hidden away in a drawer somewhere, in a new light!


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