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We would like to reassure families who may have concerns about funeral plans following ITV’s Pay Now Die Later documentary, broadcast on October 11.

At Mortons Funeral Directors, we provide Golden Charter Funeral Plans which were not featured in the programme.

We’ve been providing reliable funeral plans to families across South Birmingham and beyond for many years and always provide certainty on two things:

Firstly, that the plan you’re taking out will pay for the funeral you want.

Secondly, you’ll have complete clarity around fees.

Indeed, the best person to advise on funeral plans is a funeral director, as they will always ensure your funeral plan meets your exact requirements.

If you are approached by a marketing company or administration firm offering a funeral plan, please feel free to pick up the phone to us and seek our opinion.

As a responsible member of the community, the last thing we at Mortons Funeral Directors want to see is families left out of pocket by a funeral plan that won’t cover the costs of a funeral.


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