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Whenever a death occurs it is never a good time.  Being suddenly thrust into making Funeral arrangements for a loved one where, in many cases, there is little or no idea of what the person who has passed away would have wanted.  As Funeral Directors we often we sit with families who are bewildered by the choices available to them and are left wondering if they’ve made the right ones.  For that reason, it would be a good idea to think about your own situation and what you would like to happen when you have passed away.  Completing a “My Wishes” form or “Pre-payment Funeral Plan” serves to remove the worry that your loved ones would experience when they are grieving the loss of you!  Here at Mortons Funeral Directors we are proud to be a family business with many years’ experience and accumulated knowledge and we are happy to offer any advice or answer any questions you may have.  We know that choosing the right Funeral Plan isn’t easy and that’s why we recommend that meeting a member of our team will ensure that you know exactly what is included and there’ll be no surprises to add to the shock your family will be already be feeling.  I’d urge caution if you’re thinking of buying a Funeral Plan off the internet – if it’s cheaper there’s a reason why; trust me!  For an informal chat about “My Wishes” or “Pre-payment Funeral Plans” call James on 0121 476 9111.


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