Passing the test

Yesterday afternoon we had a visit from a (SAIF) Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors Official who called to inspect all areas of our premises and ensure that our administration systems (which provide estimates, accounts and various policies) meet the necessary requirements.  It may sound blasé but the focus of our attention was not upon the SAIF Official but firmly upon the families for whom we were arranging and carrying out funerals!  We are proud of our heritage and the way in which our business has developed, always with those we care for and privileged to serve at the very heart of everything we do.  Having the Funeral profession’s equivalent of “The Hotel Inspector” call is always a welcome sight as we hope that it will give reassurance to the families of those we care for comfort to know that the areas which they don’t see (they could if they wished) don’t just “meet the basic need” but are amongst the best in the UK!  Sometimes the visit will yield an interesting development or advice for further improvement and we’re always happy to receive that as well.  For everyone here at Mortons it’s not just a case of what you see that matters because we take just as much care of those things you can’t.  We hope that you’ll find it a comfort to know that we passed the inspection!

Events in London yesterday

Our flag at Northfield is at half-mast today in memory of P.C. Keith Palmer and the other victims of yesterday’s attack in London.

The thoughts and prayers of everyone here are with P.C Palmer’s family and those other innocent victims who were also killed or injured on Westminster Bridge yesterday.  Lives have been turned upside down and will never be the same again and all for what? Read more

A Valentine’s day thought!

It seems that we have just cleared away the Christmas decorations and the shops are full of Easter Eggs and here we are and it’s Valentine’s Day!  What is a special day filled with Love and Romance for many can bring heartache for others.  I can’t pretend that I have the antidote to the pain you will be feeling right now if that’s you but I do have some ways in which you may still make it special.  We can ease our sadness by thinking of happy memories, by listening to music that was special, to look at photos and perhaps to sit and reflect or read.  The bonds of love can never be separated by loss and the happiness we held in the past is ours to keep and own forever.  The pain we feel is the price we pay for loving.  Whilst it may not be the most perfect Valentine’s Day ever if the one you truly desire is not by your side and I’m sure there will be tears but you can make it a way to honour their memory and I hope that for you it’ll bring some comfort too.  A Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.