Every person’s requirements and budgetary constraints are different, so we recommend that you simply talk all your wishes through with us. That way you can be clear about what you want for your loved one and still feel in control of the overall cost. We will, of course, give you a full written estimate before you commit to the final arrangements.

Naturally one of the first things you’ll probably want to know is the likely cost. Obviously, this will vary depending upon your requirements. However, we can arrange and carry out an attended funeral for as little as £1,785 excluding disbursements (disbursements are those fees which are out of our control such as Minister’s fee, Cremation fee etc). This low-cost funeral would include transfer of the person who has passed away into our care, providing that this is no more than a 5 mile trip from one of our offices and is carried out within normal office hours. We will, of course, treat the person in our care with respect and dignity, but regret that no visiting the Chapel of Rest can be accommodated within this budget.

Arrangements for the funeral would be made over the telephone or during a half hour appointment at one of our offices. The coffin supplied would be a dark coloured foil veneered type with self-coloured handles and a hearse of our choosing would be used to transport the coffin to the Church, Crematorium or Cemetery (one venue only) at a date and time convenient to our work schedule. Once delivered into the care of whoever is officiating at the funeral, the Funeral Director will leave the venue and will not be available to escort family and friends from the service.

We appreciate this more economical option doesn’t suit all of our clients and naturally we can arrange a funeral with all kinds of other inclusions depending upon the kind of send off you wish for your loved one. Just talk to us and we’ll guide you through all the options that are appropriate to your wishes.


Taking a local funeral as an example, the following charges would apply:

  • A single time slot of 45 minutes at Lodge Hill Crematorium would cost from £875.00 (Crematoria charges do vary and are dependent on location, duration of the service, the time chosen & whether an organist is required)
  • Doctors’ fees for completion of the most usual Cremation forms would be £164 (in some cases these are NOT required – we will advise you accordingly)
  • A Church of England Minister’s fee is usually £195 (Minister & Celebrants can range from £190 to £210).

Please note that we don’t add any agent’s costs to these fees illustrated. Disbursements are usually paid by us and added to your account – this saves you the worry of making payments to third parties.

This example would give a disbursements cost of £1234.00.  This means that if you opted for a budget funeral and the disbursements were as per the typical example used here, the total cost would be £3019.00
Funeral charges are not subject to VAT.

A Direct Cremation option is available, whereby no attended Ceremony will take place.  The cost for this Service is from £1385 plus disbursements.  (As a guide to the disbursement costs, Lodge Hill Crematorium fee from £875 and Doctor’s fees £164, totalling £1039.00) Giving an overall total of £2424.00.  Please call our office and speak to a member of our team for further information.

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