Help with funeral expenses

Help with funeral expenses

We are happy to help with the completion of the relevant paperwork to make a claim via the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP). However, although you may be granted financial help subject to certain criteria from the DWP, any payment made usually only represents a contribution towards funeral costs and does not generally cover the full cost of the funeral.

It is therefore likely that you will need to fund the remaining balance yourself and if this is the case, we can put you in touch with a reputable loan company or offer advice on government grants or loans which may be available.

If you are concerned about financing the funeral before probate has been granted, please talk to the solicitor or executors of the will as funeral expenses can often be released prior to probate being completed. We will be happy to recommend a suitable solicitor should you require one.

If you find yourself in difficulties over the likely cost of a funeral, please don’t be embarrassed to raise the subject with us right at the outset. We are often able to suggest agencies and organisations who may be able to offer financial support. In every case, you will receive from us a detailed written estimate so that the likely costs will be known at a very early stage. 


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