The amenities and seating capacity will differ according to the crematorium selected and you should be mindful of these things when making your selection. Naturally we can offer advice and information regarding each.
Here at Mortons we are responsible and caring professionals and always wish to complete Funerals without our actions, or the actions of those we are serving, adversely affecting others. Crematoria operate within rigid timescales; many operate on 30 minutes service intervals which normally allows 5 minutes for mourners to enter the chapel, 20 minutes for the ceremony and 5 minutes for mourners to leave the chapel. If you feel that your loved ones’ ceremony cannot be adequately completed within the time allocated, please let us know and we can, subject to availability, arrange additional time slots so that you may have the appropriate time you need for your requirements.

Similarly, if a service arrives late at a crematorium and/or exceeds the time allocated, this has the potential to impact all other subsequent services which will cause further anxiety and distress to other families. Crematoria do reserve the right within their terms and conditions to charge a penalty in such circumstances.

Of course, we will be happy to advise and discuss the features and benefits of them all.

Please find below a map of the most frequently requested West Midlands Crematoria:

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