Civil and Humanist Celebrants


Civil funeral ceremonies generally contain a mixture of non-religious and religious content, according to your wishes.

A Civil Celebrant is usually someone who has completed a recognised training course to prepare and deliver such a funeral ceremony. They generally focus upon the life of the person who has passed away and they are usually willing to include both religious and non-religious content within the ceremony. This content can incorporate such things as readings, poetry and prose, together with a eulogy which either you or they will compile.

If the balance of what you’d like included in the funeral ceremony moves towards a greater element of religious content, some Civil Celebrants will suggest that you engage an appropriate Religious Celebrant.


Humanist Celebrants, in common with Civil Celebrants, focus on the person who has passed away by paying tribute to them, to the life they lived and the connections they made and leave behind.

However, the real difference is that Humanist Celebrants will generally NOT include any religious content within any ceremony they lead. This will include any references to faith
within readings, music or eulogies. Humanist ceremonies tend to appeal to those who do not hold religious views on life or death, so if you wish to have any religious content within the funeral ceremony then a Humanist Celebrant is not the right choice for you.

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