Choosing The Right Celebrant

Choosing the most appropriate style of funeral ceremony for your loved one is obviously important as it will ensure that your memory of their final farewell is as good as it can be. However, carefully selecting the person who will lead the funeral ceremony (the Celebrant) can be just as important as they can massively affect the tone of the event, so clearly communicating your wishes about what is said and done throughout the service will help to achieve the best possible outcome for yourself, family and friends. You may already know who you would like to lead the funeral ceremony and we can liaise with this person on your behalf so that the entire occasion runs smoothly. If you do not have someone in mind to lead the funeral ceremony we can offer suggestions, but we would respectfully ask that you satisfy yourself as to their suitability. We seldom make recommendations as we prefer that you personally ensure that the person selected to lead the funeral ceremony meets your needs.

Please bear in mind that Celebrants come from a variety of backgrounds. Some will hold strong religious beliefs whereas others may have none; they may be older or younger than yourself and may have encountered life experiences that are different to your own and the person who has passed away. Naturally, this can lead to differing opinions about what is said and done during the funeral ceremony.

If, during your discussions with the person who has been engaged to lead the funeral ceremony, you have ANY reservations regarding their ability to deliver a fitting and appropriate service, please contact us IMMEDIATELY, whether we have helped with their initial selection or not. We will be happy to assist you in engaging someone you feel more comfortable with.

Broadly speaking, there are four types of Celebrants to choose from: Religious, Civil, Humanist and Layperson.

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