Flowers have long been a traditional feature of many funerals as they do make a beautiful tribute. Some people elect to have flowers from close family members only, whilst others consider large amounts of floral tributes as a fitting testament to the popularity and regard of their loved one.

If you would like flowers to be part of the funeral you are arranging, you might like to take a moment to consider a few points such as the sort of style you would prefer as the main coffin arrangement, the size of the arrangement and the kind of flowers you would like to have included. Whilst our Jaguar hearses usually have ample space for flowers, some hearses have more restricted space for them, so it’s always good to consider these things before you commit to a particular type of hearse. We can discuss your individual requirements, taking this into account.

You may find the following examples useful as a starting point, but please be aware that seasonality may affect availability of some blooms.

You may find the following examples useful as a starting point.


These coffin or casket sprays are created for those who wish to have a focal tribute. You can follow a familiar design made with flowers such as white lilies or roses, or why not discuss your design preferences with us and together we can create that special arrangement in the colour and style of your choice.


Single ended arrangements are the perfect choice when a number of family tributes are to be displayed upon the coffin. You can select the style, colour and flowers which should be included, subject to some seasonal variation. We will be happy to talk you through some photographic examples of these arrangements.


These types of arrangements can offer a slightly less formal tribute for display upon the coffin, especially if several family members want to add their own tributes too. They can be lavish and large or more modest and smaller depending upon your own requirements.


Where religion has played an important role in the life of the person who has passed away, a flower arrangement with a religious theme can be a very fitting tribute. These can be made using all sorts of different blooms to whatever size you require.


Traditional wreaths remain popular at all funerals. These fitting tributes can take the form of traditional circular wreaths or follow a more European or woodland style. The effect can be varied and we are always happy to discuss your individual requirements.


Such words as ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’, created in flowers are a moving expression of love and gratitude to a parent, but in fact any word comprising any letters or characters can be created by our expert team of florists.


Delicate and unfussy, these tributes are a simple way to express love, sympathy and sorrow. Using fresh flowers of your choice we can create a beautiful tribute at a modest cost.


Pillows are a lovely tribute that truly symbolise ‘Rest in Peace’. Again, these arrangements can be very contemporary and brightly coloured, or more traditional and muted.


These arrangements can be formal, informal, modern or traditional and make a very fitting tribute for someone who has been loved and cherished in life. You can choose single or entwined hearts that can either lie flat or be displayed on a stand if that is more appropriate to the ceremony.


These statement pieces can be formed in almost any size and shape. In the past we have helped to create everything from a snooker table to a Mother Goose! Flags, beer mugs, animal characters and motor vehicles have all featured in their time. Our expertise in providing such tributes gives us the confidence to create that special tribute for your loved one.


Immediately following a cremation service, floral tributes are normally displayed for a few days at the crematorium but in due course they will be removed to make room for others. For a burial, they will usually remain on the grave or close by. Sometimes we are asked to take flowers to another family grave or to donate them to local worthy causes, where the tributes can be rearranged and made into other more suitable floral displays. If this is something you would like to happen then do please let us know.

We can also arrange to collect up any cards that are attached to the floral tributes and return them to you so that you know who gave them and have the opportunity to read any messages.

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