Churchyards and cemeteries are all different and each will have their own particular rules and regulations together with their own fee structure. Churchyards usually belong to the adjoining church and seldom issue certificates of ownership for graves (Deeds). Cemeteries are usually owned by either a Local Authority, Parish Council or as part of a private enterprise and they will invariably issue certificates of ownership (Deeds). We will advise where there are still burial opportunities in churchyards and cemeteries where the provision of a new grave is an option.

If a family plot exists we may be able to organise its reopening, provided there is enough remaining space and appropriate permission can be obtained. When grave documentation has been lost or mislaid, the authorisation for the reopening of the grave can usually be resolved quite quickly and without delaying the funeral.

Amenities and seating capacity will differ according to the venue selected and you should be mindful of these things when making your selection. Naturally we can offer advice and information regarding each.

Similarly, if a service arrives late at a cemetery and/or exceeds the time allocated, this has the potential to impact all other subsequent services which will cause further anxiety and distress to other families. Cemeteries do reserve the right within their terms and conditions to charge a penalty in such circumstances.

Of course, we will be happy to advise and discuss the features and benefits of them all.

Please find below a list of most frequently requested West Midlands Cemeteries:

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