Death in hospital

How to deal with a death in hospital

If someone passes away in hospital, we will of course make ourselves available to bring your loved one into our care, using our professionally adapted and equipped private ambulance. However, you may find that the hospital in question may insist that their administrative formalities and paperwork are completed prior to our attendance; this can be frustrating for family and friends as it is usual for Hospital Bereavement Centres to only be staffed Monday to Friday during normal office hours. We can give appropriate advice for each hospital and liaise with them on your behalf, so please contact us on 0121 476 9111.

We will monitor the completion of the formal paperwork and once the Hospital Bereavement Centre has completed all of this we will be able to transfer your loved one into our care.

You will need to speak to the Hospital Bereavement Centre to arrange for the collection of any personal belongings and the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. You will then need to take this form to an appropriate Registrar of Deaths Office. This may not be the nearest, but we can advise you regarding the location and appointment procedure for the most appropriate Registrar’s Office.

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