Death abroad

How to deal with a death abroad

If your loved one passed away in the UK but their wish was to be buried or cremated abroad, or they have passed away whilst abroad and it is desired for them to return here for a funeral, we can help. Please contact us on 0121 476 9111 using the appropriate international dialling code if phoning from abroad.

The transferring of a loved one between two countries may appear complex but our experience has been developed over many years and we have direct access to interpreters, translators and relevant Worldwide Diplomatic Consulates and Embassies. However challenging the circumstances may initially appear, we can assure you of the best possible support and care. See case histories below for examples of our service.

The names of the people involved in the following case histories have been changed to protect their privacy.

Case History 1:

Michael Flynn came to England from Ireland in the 1960s. He made his home in Birmingham and eventually married and had a family here. When Michael died peacefully at his home his wife Moira contacted us for advice. We liaised with The Birmingham Coroner’s Office (it is necessary to do so when the remains are leaving England or Wales) and secured the relevant documents allowing Michael to be taken ‘home’ to Ireland for burial there. Moira selected a Last Supper Coffin for Michael and he was dressed in his suit in readiness for family members and friends to visit him at our Chapel of Rest. We arranged for a Requiem Mass here in Birmingham and following that, his coffin was returned to the Chapel of Rest to be prepared for the flight to Knock. Our service included making flight arrangements for Michael’s coffin, delivery to the airport, making passenger reservations on the same flight and liaison with a local Funeral Director in Ireland ensuring that all arrangements went smoothly throughout.

Case History 2:

Doreen Phillips died unexpectedly whilst on holiday in Spain. Sadly Doreen was not insured. Using our international contacts we were able to instruct a Funeral Director in Spain who could handle all the repatriation arrangements on our behalf.  We subsequently collected Doreen’s casket from Heathrow Airport and brought her back to Birmingham. It is necessary to refer deaths occurring abroad to The Coroner and we were able to forward all documents which accompanied Doreen’s casket to The Coroner for inspection. As soon as the Coroner’s enquiries were completed we requested the necessary documentation permitting cremation here.  We were pleased to advise Doreen’s daughter Ann that the casket that we had requested to be supplied in Spain was acceptable to the Cremation Authority here; this saved Ann the expense of having to select a further coffin or casket.

With family and friends gathered, the funeral ceremony took place at a time convenient to them. We subsequently arranged for the documents to be translated into English and arranged Consular Registration (this gives a similar style Death Certificate to one issued by a Birmingham Registrar of Deaths) in order to satisfy English banks, building societies etc.

Our service included giving Ann regular updates regarding developments which she found immensely reassuring.

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