Dealing with grief at Christmas

Christmas time can be that little bit harder when you’ve lost a loved one.

Family traditions aren’t quite the same when someone you love is missing, and it’s very normal for you to feel down and isolated, especially at this time of year.

To help with handling grief this Christmas, we’ve put together some guidance below. It’s important to remember there is no right or wrong way to grieve – and different things will be helpful to different people.

Talk to others and plan ahead

 Let go of expectations of what Christmas ‘should’ or ‘could’ look like – there’s no right way to do Christmas once a loved one has passed. You can decide how involved you are and which activities you take part in, depending on how much you can handle.

Your grief is unique to you, so try and talk to your friends and family and let them know what your plans are and what support you might need. If you’re sharing your grief with others, you can talk about your feelings and thoughts about Christmas and decide together what you’ll do.

Take care of yourself

Grief manifests itself in lots of physical ways, and it’s important to be patient with yourself. If you need to take breaks, do less activities, step outside for a minute or go home early, it’s completely understandable.

It’s also important to still allow yourself happiness and the chance to enjoy the festive season – it’s OK to feel joy again when you’re ready. Try to focus on what you have in the here and now, while giving yourself the space to remember and reminisce about the past.

Getting outside is key to keeping good mental health. Make sure, if you can, to take walks, see friends and family and exercise as much as you can. Grief support groups like Morton’s Monday Club can also be a good space to connect with people who understand what you’re going through.

Remembering your loved one

There are lots of practical ways you can honour your loved one this Christmas, either alone or with family and friends.

You may choose to mark their memory by doing something special, such as lighting a candle, making a decoration or donating to their favourite charity. Even simply listening to their favourite Christmas songs or playing their favourite Christmas games can be a great way to remember them.

Christmas and grief can be a difficult and painful combination for many and if you need it, you can find our list of organisations for further support on our website.

Remembering your loved one at Christmas – Mortons’ Tree of Light

Morton’s Tree of Light Remembrance Service is an annual event taking place on the first Sunday in December. This service invites everyone in the community to remember those we have lost.

Anyone can submit a message for a loved one at no cost, which will be handwritten onto a memorial star and placed on our Tree of Light. The service will be recorded and available to watch online from the 5th December.

To write a memorial star for you loved one to be placed on our Tree of Light, visit our webpage.

You can call our 24 hour call out service on

0121 476 9111

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Wish to thank all staff at Mortons for being helpful, caring, understanding at my fathers funeral. Used the same director at mums funeral 10 yrs ago so recommend. Made the day a bit easier on a sad day.

Anne Moghraby Rating: 5
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