Be kind to yourself this Christmas and make treasured memories

In this past year many of us have experienced loss and for the first time in a while, I count myself amongst you.

When my dear Mum died in June of this year, I felt the loss deeply.

I kept telling myself that she was 92 and she couldn’t go on forever, but that didn’t make a scrap of difference.

My dear Dad died aged 54 when I was still in my mid-teens and so now I’m an orphan!

Reflecting on the lives of my parents I have chosen to focus on the joy that they gave to me rather than dwell on the pain of their loss but you know it’s not easy.

I am blessed to share my life with many that I love dearly and who love me; family and friends alike and fantastic team of like-minded caring colleagues.

In all honesty, I’m not sure how I’ll feel on Christmas Day, as last year I spent much of it at the hospital helping to feed my Mum!

What I do know is that my parents showed me love, instilled great life values and encouraged me to be my best and whilst family life isn’t always plain sailing, I am truly grateful for all that they did.

Remembering those we have loved and lost will bring a tear to our eyes and that is the price we pay for loving, but I do I hope that each of you can find something positive during your grief, something that makes you smile and that will uplift you.

In my family, we have developed traditions which we keep, and I cherish these more than I would a new shirt or box of hankies, so it really is about people not things!

Above all, I hope that this Christmas you’re kind to yourself and that you get the opportunity to make Happy Memories too.

Sarah and I send our very best wishes for a Happy, Peaceful and Blessed Christmas.


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Wish to thank all staff at Mortons for being helpful, caring, understanding at my fathers funeral. Used the same director at mums funeral 10 yrs ago so recommend. Made the day a bit easier on a sad day.

Anne Moghraby Rating: 5
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